Fall Service Tips

Fall Service Tips

Keeping a regular service schedule for your car is an important part of car ownership. It guarantees that your car will last as long as possible, perform at its best, and also serve to keep you safe. Use this fall service checklist to get your vehicle from Wright Chevrolet Buick GMC ready for the upcoming season.



Cold weather can cause older car batteries to lose their charge. Get your battery checked now to see whether it’s time to replace it before the cold seasons.



Tires are also sensitive to the change in temperature. Lower temperatures will cause tires to lose air pressure, and when air pressure is low your tires will be less efficient and less safe. Keep an eye on your tire pressure, but also check to see that your tires have no visible signs or wear and tear that would indicate they need replacing.



You always want to be sure that your brakes are performing well, and especially when roads are liable to be wet or icy. Bring your vehicle in to the service department at Wright Chevrolet Buick GMC and let our technicians look over your brakes to make sure they’re ready for the fall season.

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