Simple Winter Car Care Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle

Simple Winter Car Care Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle

Winter is a hazardous time of year for vehicles and drivers alike. Here’s some winter car care tips for staying safe in the cold.

Check Your Battery

Cold temperatures reduce battery capacity, so make sure you have a pro check your battery before you head into winter weather. An older battery may have a greater tendency to die, so if your battery is older, consider replacing it.

Care for Your Tires

Tire pressure is important, not just in maintaining good fuel economy and a comfortable drive, but also in having good traction on slippery roads. Make sure the tread isn’t too worn, either. Perform the penny test to make sure that your tread is up to snuff, or consider slapping on some winter tires.

Clean Your Lights

You may not even realize this, but oftentimes drivers don’t clean the inside of their exterior lights, which can dim the quality of their lights and reduce visibility.

Have Your HVAC System Checked

The HVAC system not only keeps you warm in the winter, but also powers the defroster. It’s a good idea to check your vehicle’s heat before you need it.

Top Off Fluids

Fluids like brake fluid, coolant, and oil should all be replaced or filled before you get stuck out in the cold. Additionally, try to avoid letting your gas tank fall below half-full, as this allows condensation to build in your tank and freeze.

Follow these winter car care tips for a more relaxed and prepared driving experience during the cold months. If you want these services done quickly, bring your ride into Wright Chevrolet Buick GMC.

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