Winter Driving Tips for Fearless Driving in the Cold

Winter Driving Tips for Fearless Driving in the Cold

No matter what kind of car you drive, winter weather often presents its own set of challenges when you’re on the road. So, to stay as safe as possible this year, follow these winter driving tips from Wright Chevrolet Buick GMC.

Winter Driving Tips - Wright Chevrolet Buick GMC - Baden, PA

Follow at a distance

 Especially when there could be snow or ice on the road, it’s important to double your normal follow distance when driving. This gives you extra time to avoid a collision if you lose traction when starting or stopping behind another vehicle.


Check your tires

 Make sure your tires are fully inflated and properly aligned all winter long, as deflated or misaligned tires won’t perform optimally. Cold weather can cause the air in your tires to contract, deflating your tires, so it’s particularly crucial to keep an eye on your tires during the winter.


Keep your tank full

 Keeping your tank at least half full will prevent your gas lines from freezing up, and will also ensure you don’t run out of gas on the road. It can be particularly dangerous to get stranded on the road in a winter storm, so this is an important precaution to take.


With a little bit of planning and routine maintenance, staying safe on the road throughout winter is easy. Of course, if the weather is particularly bad, sometimes it’s best to wait to take to the roads rather than put yourself at risk.


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