Coolest New Car Gadgets to Enhance Your Everyday Drive

Coolest New Car Gadgets to Enhance Your Everyday Drive

The holiday season might be officially over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to some new car technology to breathe fresh life into your daily commute. Here at Wright Chevrolet Buick GMC, we think it’s always the prefect time to improve your drive, so here are our top picks for coolest new car gadgets.coolest new car gadgets - Wright Chevrolet Buick GMC - Baden, PA

ZipGripGo traction system

The holidays are over, but that doesn’t mean winter weather is. Especially this time of year, the ZipGripGo traction system can really enhance the quality of your drive. Unlike complicated and heavy chain systems, this device easily attached to your tires and provides superior traction even when it’s extra slippery out there.

Jabra Bluetooth Speakerphone

 Even if you don’t have a brand-new car with an easy-to-use voice recognition interface, you can still make hands-free calls. And, with the Jabra Bluetooth Speakerphone, your calls are not only easy to make, but they’ll sound better than you ever imagined possible in virtual surround sound.


 The MotorMood light-up smiley decal may not feature the latest advanced technology, but it makes our list because it can brighten up the day of any driver. The idea is simple: this charming decal attaches to your rear windshield and a small button lets you illuminate it to say “thanks” to a kind driver behind you.

We think cool car gadgets are always in season!

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