Top 10 Tips for City Driving

Top 10 Tips for City Driving

Tips for City Driving

Tips for City Driving


Pittsburgh is right next to our dealership, which is a great spot for people to take advantage of the vibrant night life and multitudes of great restaurants and shops. Before you go, though, here are some tips for city driving.


  1. Get a small car: Narrow streets, heavy traffic, and street parking make big cars a hassle in urban environments.


  1. Consider an automatic: Manuals are tough to drive in stop-and-go traffic.


  1. Take fuel economy into account: That city mpg estimate isn’t there for nothing. City gas stations can be expensive, too.


  1. Parking assist technology: All 2017 Chevys have features like park assist and lane departure warning tech, which are valuable on tough city streets.


  1. Accelerate slowly: Speeding up quickly only to slow down again is hard on your gas tank.


  1. Stay in your lane: Changing lanes a lot increases your risk of collisions.


  1. Replace the air filter: City air filled with smog makes for a dirtier air filter.


  1. Be wary of break-ins: Keep your valuables out of sight and your car locked.


  1. Drive cautiously and be aware: City natives know which roads to avoid; newcomers don’t. Drive slowly in the right-hand lane and watch for signs.


  1. Use navigation aids: Using a GPS or integrated navigation is crucial when exploring the city.


Driving in the city is easy as long as you follow these ten simple tips.

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