Why the 2017 Malibu Is the Best Car for New Drivers

Why the 2017 Malibu Is the Best Car for New Drivers

Best Car For New Drivers

When a new driver gets their license, a whole world of possibility opens up to them. As long as they have a car of their own this is. Parents of a young driver might be tempted to buy a cheaper, used vehicle for their teen to drive just in case they manage to total the car. However, the best car for new drivers is a new car. Why? Newer cars are safer than ever, more long-lasting, and come equipped with a ton of new safety features. Such as the new Teen Driver system on the 2017 Chevrolet Malibu.

 The Teen Driver system is innovative and unparalleled within the segment. Thus making the new Malibu a great option for parents shopping for a new car for their young driver. The system monitors your teen’s driving habits and sends back a vehicle report card to let you know how they did on the road. It is accessible via PIN through the Chevrolet MyLink system. Teen Driver also includes functions like muting the audio when seatbelts aren’t on, limiting the volume, restricting the vehicle to traveling at certain preset speeds, and preventing driver alerts from being turned off.

 Other features include advanced driver assist and alert systems, making the Chevy Malibu the best car for new drivers when it comes to preventing accidents and ensuring their safety on the road.

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