About the Fuel Cell Power Chevy Colorado ZH2

About the Fuel Cell Power Chevy Colorado ZH2

Chevy Colorado ZH2

What happens when Chevrolet and GM come together with the US Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center? You get the Chevy Colorado ZH2! Powered by a fuel cell, this monster of a truck is up for a serious job with the US Army.

Of course, the designers knew this and they did not skimp on anything. The Chevy Colorado ZH2 is six-and-a-half feet tall, seven feet wide, and sits on 37-inch tires and special suspension. This huge truck can drive on practically any terrain. It only took a year for GM to manufacture the ZH2 from the sketches. After a little more testing, the US Army gets the keys for a very special test drive.

The goal is to see whether or not hydrogen-powered vehicles will work well for the military fleet. The US Army will perform field tests that check the ZH2 for things like silent operation, reduced thermal signatures, and low fuel consumption. The Chevy Colorado ZH2 is also equipped with the innovative Explorable Power Take-Off Unit which can power things away from the vehicle. This would allow military personnel access to electricity where it may otherwise be hard to find.

Fuel Cell Power Chevy Colorado ZH2

In exchange for its efforts, GM will receive data from the field tests that will grant them a look at fuel cell dependability. Thiscould mean new, similar non-commercial vehicles in the future.

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